Why Should I Upgrade my Instrument?

Student instruments are a great introduction to music. Aspiring musicians can develop basic skills and playing technique at an affordable price point. However, student instruments are NOT suited for advanced players and dedicated musicians. Continuing to play on a student instrument can actually prevent aspiring musicians from developing proper tone and playing technique needed for their playing to advance. If your student is quickly advancing and shows interest and ambition in music, investing in a pro-level instrument is a necessity. 

What Benefits do Performance-level Instruments Offer?

Performance-level instruments offer superior tone and playability. They maintain their quality over a longer period of time. Your student can perform with more ease and confidence and can begin playing at their highest capability. We carry respected brands from trusted instrument makers with a proven track record of excellence.

Why Rent with Golden Music? 

We offer a maintenance plan with every rental if you ever need a repair. Our experienced staff and highly-trained luthiers are here to help you maintain your instrument. Previous renters can also apply up to 24 past payments as credits towards a new pro-level instrument rental! All you need is a 15% deposit plus the first month’s payment and the instrument. Plus, every rental comes with a FREE lesson from one of our highly-experienced teachers! 

Golden Music has been part of the Colorado music community for 26 years. We provide quality rentals to schools and individuals across the state. You can try out our selection at our location in Lakewood and we’ll order a brand-new instrument from you once you make your selection.


Our fine strings are hand-selected from around the world and custom set-up in our workshop in Lakewood.   Our sources are family workshops and Eastman.  Master Violins: These are crafted to last for decades or even longer. They use higher-quality materials, aged wood, and meticulous manufacturing techniques. Master violins are built for long-term use and professional performance


  1. Sound Quality:
    • Student Violins: While they sound good initially, student violins may lack the richness and depth of tone found in master violins.
    • Master Violins: These instruments produce a more refined and resonant sound due to their superior craftsmanship and materials.
  2. Price:
    • Student Violins: More affordable, making them ideal for beginners who are still exploring their interest in playing the violin.
    • Master Violins: Expensive due to the high-quality materials and craftsmanship involved. They are investments for serious musicians.
  3. Construction:
    • Student Violins: Often sold in sets with cases, bows, and accessories. The assumption is that beginners need these items. The wood may not be aged as long, affecting its durability.
    • Master Violins: Professionals often hand-select accessories based on personal preferences. The violin itself is meticulously crafted and optimized for performance.



A soloist’s perfect companion.

Designed for projection, our violins will make the soloist feel supported and comfortable performing in the largest of concert halls. With sophisticated and colorful tone, these violins will carry the virtuoso through the most difficult passages.

Built for soloists from the highest quality materials and by the most skilled luthiers.

Aged European Tonewoods
Made from the most sought after wood available, our tonewoods are hand selected from regions such as Germany and Italy. Through a natural aging process, these materials become more reliable and develop deep tonal characteristics that rival the greatest violins of the past.

Master Luthiers
As a family run business, we value the people that make us whole. Our master luthiers have been a part of the Eastman family from the beginning, and it is through their commitment to the craft that the finest instruments can be sculpted with care and precision.

Antiqued Oil Varnish
Just as it is important to properly age wood, a good finish takes time. Our multi-layered oil varnish is patiently hand-applied over several months, leading to enhanced tonal characteristics and rich appearance. Our varnish shop then meticulously follows an antiquing process, creating a unique look for each violin.

Made for soloists, our professional violins project sophisticated tones for the entire concert hall to hear.

     “It makes me want to practice again like I am 7 years old. The violin projects very well in the worlds loudest orchestra!”   Nisanne Howell – Former First Violinist, Chicago Symphony Orchestra


PERFORMANCE LEVEL INSTRUMENTS – WHITE GLOVE DELIVERY SERVICE:  For Performance Level instruments (Apprentice and Master), we are pleased to offer to bring a selection of three instruments to your home.  We will come and spend up to one hour there for you to try out the instruments and select one.   A free humidifier is included with the Apprentice or Master instruments.

APPRENTICE LEVEL 1  Rental: $24.95/payment, Maintenance: $6.95/payment  TOTAL: $31.90/payment – start with 3 payments = $95.70 

APPRENTICE LEVEL 2 Rental: $29.95/payment
Maintenance: $6.95/payment  TOTAL: $36.90/payment – start with 3 payments = $110.70 

APPRENTICE LEVEL 3 Rental: $39.95/payment
Maintenance: $6.95/payment    TOTAL: $41.90/payment – start with 3 payments = $125.70 

MASTER LEVEL 1 Rental: $83.13/payment
Maintenance: $8.95/payment  TOTAL: $92.08/payment – start with 15% down = $299.25
MASTER LEVEL 2 Rental: $99.79/payment
Maintenance: $8.95/payment  TOTAL: $108.74/payment – start with 15% down = $359.25

MASTER LEVEL 3  Rental: $108.33/payment
Maintenance: $8.95/payment  TOTAL: $117.28/payment – start with 15% down = $390.00We have higher levels than Master 3, a Master 4 up to a Master 7.  Please call or come by for those options.



We now carry performance-level instruments by these quality brands:

  • Allegro
  • Buffet Crampon
  • B&S
  • Eastman
  • Shires
  • Yamaha
  • and more (see list below)


 Performance Level Instruments In Stock Now

Call us at 303-279-1111 for more information on our selection!


  • B&S Challenger 1 3137
  • Yamaha YTR300 ADS
  • Allegro YTR-5335GSIIAL
  • Shires STRBRVO

Tenor Sax

Alto Sax

  • Buffet BC400 series
  • Eastman Bravo
  • Yamaha YAS-62 III


  • Backun Eastman BCLBRAVO
  • Buffet Crampon E13
  • Buffet Crampon R13

French Horn

  • Allegro YHR-570DA
  • Eastman Bravo
  • Eastman EFH-462


  • Yamaha YFL-372HAL
  • Haynes Bravo HFLBRVO02


  • Eastman STRBRVO
  • Courtois AC280BO-1-0