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Christian Howell – Monday Musical Study Hall


Christian is a multi instrumentalist with experience playing Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Piano, Upright Bass, and various Percussion. He has formal lessons in Piano and is self taught in regards to Band and Orchestral instruments. He has a passion for music and hopes to spread that to any students he interacts with. He currently plays in a local progressive rock band as well as working at Golden Music.

Ruth Culbertson – Wednesday Musical Study Hall

Instructor/Music Education Major from Colorado Christian University

From the time I was very little, music has been a very
prominent part of my life. As a baby, I pounded away at a little,
alligator-shaped xylophone made specifically for small children. The quality of
sound was not the most appealing, but the excitement and passion were certainly
present. Years later, I received piano lessons as a Christmas gift with great
excitement. And a few years after that, I received a keyboard with many tears
of joy.

Over the years, I have continued to improve my musicianship
through numerous hours of practice, many public performances, and pursuing a
Bachelor of Music Education at Colorado Christian University. Thus far, I have
received college-level instruction for brass, woodwind, and string instruments;
enabling me to relate to and help students on a multitude of instruments. I
have also developed my expertise by observing under other teachers in the area,
taking additional music education courses on how to best teach music, working
with youth, embracing opportunities to teach siblings and peers, and continuing
to practice a variety of instruments.

As an avid lover of music and working with youth, my goal is
to help students gain a greater appreciation of music through playing fun music
games, performing in front of each other in a positive and encouraging
environment, and giving positive tips to help students take their playing to
the next level. I hope to serve as an encourager and support to inspire kids to
become the best that they can be, both in music and in all areas of life.

Together with my students, we discover how to: have fun
playing an instrument, navigate challenges that may arise, perform in front of
others, play various rhythms, encourage and give helpful feedback to other
music students, practice an instrument effectively, and much more.

But my goal is not only to teach piano, but also to help
students learn how to solve problems and learn effectively so that they can
continue to grow, even when they are on their own. I ask questions to tailor my
teaching to students’ individual needs and to help students take ownership for
their learning. I recognize every student has a unique personality with unique
interests, and I strive to meet every student where they are at—always with a
positive, patient, and encouraging attitude.


Taryn Wells – Thursday Musical Study Hall

Instructor/Music Education Major from Colorado Christian University

Taryn is a trumpet player who loves to study and learn many other instruments including piano and trombone. She is currently studying music education with the goal to one day run a band program and teach private lessons. She is in her third year of study and has been teaching private trumpet lessons since 2018. She has been in band and performing on the trumpet for over nine years.